Build Your Own Image

Build Your Own Image

Scott Alford
Build Your Image

The Pre-Putt Routine is different for each player and becomes your own way of getting your mental image right. All great putters can gauge the speed and break of the putt and then visualize the ball rolling.

This allows the muscles to respond to the image formed in your mind, and results in better distance control without thinking about how hard to hit the ball.




building my image

When Great putters are at their best, they’re not thinking about anything as they stroke the putt. They’ve done their Pre-Putt Routine thousands of times; they can do it while keeping their own image fresh in their mind. When they pull the trigger, there is no thought of line, speed, miss or make, just their own image of the ball falling into the hole, the blur of the ball’s path, or the of the arc of the putt.

It’s amazing how this helps Make an Assertive Stroke, one where the SPEED is Right. As soon as thinking gets in our way, that’s when speed is off.

This is an important time in your quest to becoming a great putter. As you’re about to pull the trigger, it’s vital you move on from thinking about line, speed, miss or make. You must find an Image that works for you, one that Keeps your Focus Simple.

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