Developing Feel With Both Hands

Developing Feel With Both Hands

Scott Alford

Do the speed and Feel drill (with and without eyes closed) and with both hands on the grip:

We know that speed is something we don’t want to think about, we want to Feel the Putt by only seeing the arc or path of the ball.

To Improve Feel, practice hitting downhill putts, not lightning fast but putts that have a good pace on them. Stroke the Putt so the ball is barely rolling at the hole, the putt should go about 12 inches past the hole if it misses.

Hit the same putt over and over so you learn what the line should be, then just work on thinking “ARC” and soon you’ll start to Feel the ball trickling in the hole.

 Test your feel by looking at the Hole:

Line the putter behind the ball and get set, before you pull the trigger shift your eyes from the ball to the hole and make the stroke. See if you can feel the putt.

It teaches you to not “hit” the ball but let the ball simply “get in the way” of your putter face. It prevents you from focusing too intently on the putter face during the stroke. If you tend to JAB at the ball and struggle with short putts, this Drill will help you.

You’ll learn to make a smooth, even stroke and use your sense of Feel to keep the putter face square through impact. By the way, this is a great way to make all your tap-ins, look at the hole not the ball.

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