Error on the High Side

Error on the High Side

Scott Alford

When putting across a slope make sure that your ball approaches the hole from the top side (pro side). A ball approaching from the low side has no chance of going in unless it hits something.

Plus, a ball struck too hard that goes on the low side will travel a long way because the ball is going downhill as it passes the hole.

I’ve always felt that if my putt is on the high side it has a decent chance to go in and the ball will not roll out as far. Think of it this way, when you putt to the high side the first part is more up-hill than a putt struck to the low side, so your ball is moving slower at the hole.

A ball is more likely to lip-in from the high side because the ball will fall downhill towards the cup. A low-side lip-in has a much smaller chance of success because it must fall uphill.

The same is true of a putt that hits something like a foot print or pebble, balls generally will fall downhill so error on the high-side and you’ll make more putts.

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