The Assertive Putting Stroke

The Assertive Putting Stroke

Scott Alford

Don’t be afraid of hitting your putts too hard. How many putts that are short go into the hole? None! How many putts, struck too hard fall into the hole? Some!

It’s not that you’re trying to hit your Putts harder, your being assertive with your image of the path of the ball, and not the speed. You're not begging for the ball to go in.

The percentage of made putts will increase as you get used to your new assertive Feel, and you’ll be able to make the correct adjustments. You’ve heard commentators talk about tour players and how good their Feel is.

You’ll notice most tour players have a finish to their putting stroke. You’ll also notice that a large percentage of their putts from 10’ to 15’ will be a little long if missed, this is how they control speed and stay aggressive at the same time.

Great putters are not worried about a comebacker of 2 to 3 feet, they will make almost all of them. 

Just Roll It... 

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