Tigers one-handed putting drill

The Right Hand Only Drill

Scott Alford

Speed and Feel Drill:

  • Start with a medium distance putt of about 10’.
  • Setup to the ball with the right (back) hand only on the grip.
  • Place your left (front) hand behind your back.
  • Stand a little taller so the right (back) arm can swing naturally, like a pendulum.
  • Grip Pressure of your right (back) hand should remain about 2 out of 10.
  • Stroke 5 putts with the only thought is to feel the distance.
  • Don’t worry about direction as much as your distance.
  • Move back 5 feet and Stroke 5 more putts.
  • Continue back 5 feet at a time until you get to 50 feet.


The Right (Back) Hand Only Drill – WITH EYES CLOSED:

eyes closed drill

My Favorite Drill of All Time, I do it often.

Just before you Pull the Trigger, look at the Hole and Trace the Arc of the Putt back to the Ball. Close Your Eyes and Roll the Ball. Go back and do the Right-Hand Only Drill, only this time, Close Your Eyes.

No other drill will leave an “image” on your mind like this will. This Drill is an effective way to make your putting stroke soft and smooth. Your attention will shift from mechanical thought to a new focus on Feel. The urge to lift your head too soon to see where the ball is going will disappear.

 So, close your eyes and discover your FEEL.

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