The Short Putt Drill

The Short Putt Drill

Scott Alford

This is the best way to make the transition from mechanical thinking to simply making putts:

Short putt drill
  • Place the ball 2-Feet below the hole so it’s A STRAIGHT PUTT
  • Setup to the ball
  • Your Line is Center of the Hole
  • Knock 10 putts right in the middle of the hole.
  • Drop back 1-foot, knock TEN 3-foot putts right in the middle of the hole.
  • Now, go around the cup, from the left, then right, then above the h 10 putts each, right in the middle of the hole, from 2-feet, then 3-feet.

Remember the 3-foot circle (for long distance putts)? The key to “not 3-putting” is to make your 3-footers.

Do this drill often, every time you practice for sure. Never underestimate the importance of making short putts in your golf game. When you make putts, your whole game gets a lift, momentum is on your side.
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