Tigers drill for consistent rolls

Tigers Drill for Consistent Roll

Scott Alford

Perhaps, the biggest misconception about putting is the importance of hitting the putt solid. Sometimes your stroke can get out of whack, and you start mishitting the ball. Just like any other shot in golf, if you catch it in the center, with the face square, you’re going to produce the correct distance. This is a great drill to start any practice session on the green:

Tigers drill for consistent putts
  • Create a gate with two tees just wider than your putter head.
  • Place the ball in the middle, between the two tees.
  • Align the Brand Name of the Ball so it points down the line (center of the hole)
  • Make it a straight putt, 3 feet from the hole.
  • Hit 5 Putts without the club touching either tee.
  • Move the tees and ball back to 6 feet from the hole.
  • Hit 5 more putts without touching either tee.

If you loop the putter head to the outside during the stroke, you’ll bump the outside tee. If you swing it to the inside, you’ll bump into the inside tee. Go through clean, and you’re hitting the ball in the center of the face. Pay attention to how the ball rolls after it’s struck. If the line-on-the-ball is rolling perfectly with no deviation, great. If the line wobbles, you have imparted sidespin on the ball—usually brushing the outside tee.

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