on course putting practice

Time to Get Out of the House

Scott Alford

We can now focus our attention towards “How to Make More Putts” and “eliminating the 3-putt.” This is where we move past any mechanical thought of right or wrong and start the process of feeling the roll of the ball.

I’ll Always Encourage practicing the mechanics of the setup and stroke at home, Any Chance You Get.  If you find yourself thinking about mechanics when you step into a putt for real, then Go Back to the training on the specific thing you’re thinking about. All it means is you still have questions.

It’s time to Go to the practice green. The best way to make the transition is to Jump Right in with Drills that Start Close to the Hole and require a solidly struck—straight putt. We’ll then start moving farther from the hole to start the Process of Feeling the Speed and Distance.

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