Up Hill Putts and Speed

Up Hill Putts and Speed

Scott Alford

It’s a common mistake to not hit uphill putts, or putts from off the green hard enough. On the other side of the hole, a common mistake is to leave downhill putts too far from hole. Now you’re left with a challenging 8-footer to save your 2-putt instead of a tap-in, or better yet hole the putt.

If your speed is wrong you have very little chance of making the putt let alone a successful 2-putt. Getting the speed right is a must have skill to lowering your score and achieving 28-putts per round.

Don’t be afraid to hit uphill putts more firmly than you might think necessary. Let’s keep in mind that on a straight up-hill putt the far side of hole is higher than the front side, you have a natural back stop.

Another important factor is that up-hill putts tend to not break as much, so as a rule of thumb you can hit them straight. Remember, the cup is 4 inches wide, so don’t overread it.

On up-hill putts, aim for an imaginary hole—beyond the hole. The distance past the hole will depend on the severity of the slope, I like using 18 inches as a guide for an “average slope”.

A little trial and error on the practice green will help you feel more comfortable with your decision, but don’t stress too much as you’ll find your touch.

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