Accelerate Through Impact

Accelerate Through Impact

Scott Alford

The problem I see most with medium length putts is to decelerate just before impact. Some golfers fear hitting the ball too hard, way past the hole.

This leads to all kinds of problems with direction and speed. When you decelerate, the wrists tend to break down, you’ll flip and close the club head. This usually results in a putt that goes left and long.

You’ll make great strides in your putting by focusing on accelerating the putter through impact.

To do this, incorporate the “finish” to your putting stroke. The finish is where the club head stops after you hit the ball. It’s almost like you’re pushing down and not allowing your wrist and arms to move independently and break-down. This action helps accelerate the club head through and out of impact.

When you walk onto the practice green you can usually tell who’s putting great. Just look at the finish. Golfers who are putting great accelerate through the ball, so the putter head and the lead hand continue low and forward. An assertive stroke is immediately recognizable.

Golfers who are just hoping to make putts tend to let the putter head and front shoulder rise after impact. You can see them backing up to watch, curious about where the ball goes. The energy of mind and body must be going forward along the line of the putt.


Left (Front) – Hand Low Drill:

level hands drill

Find a wall with a corner, the line of the ball goes around the corner, the back of left (front) hand will hit the wall if continue, stop before hitting wall, on same level where hands were at set-up, feels like pushing low but the hands are moving level for about 4 Inches after impact.









The Equal Distance Drill With Level Hands

Equal distance with level hands

Hands are Level, Back and Through Impact:

  • Put a marker just outside the toe of the putter.
  • The second marker a few inches behind it.
  • A third marker at stopping-point.
  • Walk-in to your set-up and address the ball.
  • Make 5 short strokes.
  • Putter head should not go past either marker.
  • Move the markers back 1 inch at a time.


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