Where do you strike a putt?

The Bottom of the Arc

Scott Alford

We want a centered and balanced putting stroke where your lower body is stable and your shoulders, arms and hands move as one unit. This Action produces an arc, the bottom of the arc should be in the center – right below your pelvis.

This is where we want to strike the ball, at the bottom of the arc where the putter face is square to your line.

If you place your putter down on the ground completely centered, the ball should be just to the left (hole side) of the putter’s face. Another guide is that it will be aligned with your left ear, one to two inches inside your left (front) foot.

If you’re consistently missing putts to the left (for a right-handed putter), you might have the ball positioned too far forward. If you’re missing to the right, the ball position might be too far back.



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