The Distance the Putter Head Travels

The Distance the Putter Head Travels

Scott Alford

The stroke should be (about) equal on both sides of the ball. If there is a difference, the through-stroke might be slightly shorter. You don’t want a short backswing and a long through-stroke, or go back too far, this will cause you to DECELERATE coming through.

The actual measurement of the distance the club travels really is not what we should be thinking about, even when working on mechanics. The actual distance is dictated by FEEL and it can be different for everybody. So, don’t get caught up with the measurement, when we get to the practice green, we’ll be working on how your FEEL will dictate the distance. It’s enough to know that the distance the club travels in the backswing is virtually equal to the distance of the through-stroke.


The Equal Distance Drill

Mark the Distance the Club Head Travels:

  • Put a marker just outside the toe of the putter.
  • The Second marker a few inches behind it.
  • A Third marker a few inches in front.
  • Walk-in to your set-up and address the ball.
  • Make 5 Short Strokes.
  • The putter head doesn’t go past either marker.
  • Move the markers back 1 inch—5 Strokes.
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