The Setup Drill

The Setup Drill

Scott Alford

Grip the putter and get in your set-up position.

The back of the left (top) hand is square to the LINE OF THE PUTT. The back of the right (bottom) hand is parallel to the left (top). In other words, place your hands in the “praying” position on each side of the grip, wrap your hands around the grip as described, your hands will be positioned on the putter completely square to the target line.

Get set-up, grip the club and apply the left-hand dominant grip pressure and make a couple short strokes moving your hands, arms and shoulders as one unit.

Once this feels comfortable let’s make sure your set-up is “in the ground”:

Step 1: Ball Position off the Left (Front) Ear

Step 2: Width of the Stance—Same Every Time

Step 3: Stance is Square to the Target Line

Step 4: Body is Centered, Balanced and Comfortable

Step 5: Left (Front)-Hand Dominant Grip Pressure

putting setup drill

You should practice the setup often, at home! Every chance you get!

Setup to the ball (real or imagined) and hold this position for 10 seconds. 3 sets of 10 seconds, each time.

You have all kinds of Alignment Tools around your house. My favorite is my deck, in front of the BBQ. I’m cooking and working on my set-up using the natural parallel lines the deck provides. Look around the floors of your house, you have the opportunity to work on your putting set-up. It’s simply something you do every time when stepping into a putt—without Thinking About It!

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