Why practice on putting mechanics from home?

Why Practice on Putting Mechanics From Home?

Scott Alford

The problem? Not many mid-handicap golfers take the time for Putting practice. Even if they see the importance of it, many golfers are not willing to put in the time. Some see Putting practice as boring and tedious.

The way I see it, too many players mistakenly focus their energy on mechanics when on the practice green. When you step into a putt, if you’re focused on mechanics, your speed will be off, frustration creeps in, and your golf score suffers.

When we move to On-Course Putter Training, we’ll be on the practice green developing feel in your distance control, where there are no mechanical thoughts. In fact, no thoughts exist about line, speed, miss or make.

Can't wait to get you there, but first it’s crucial we practice the mechanics of the putting motion at home.


When we step on to the practice green, the drills are designed to take your mind off the process of doing it right or wrong.

You won’t be successful if:

  • You’re not comfortable with your setup.
  • You’re Thinking about the One-Unit Movement
  • You’re Thinking about Level Hands
  • You’re Thinking about Grip Pressure

In-Home Training is about doing the drills often enough to build memory into your stroke. A great way to build memory is to perform the drills in front of a Mirror. You can also have someone record the drill. See yourself doing it correctly and free your mind of doubt.

The training articles are sorted, so the next drill (article) will play off of the one you just completed. You'll want to go back to these training articles often, because in-home mechanical putter training should last forever, or at least as long as you want to improve your golf score.

Here's where you can develop a love for putting practice. At home, where you can fit it into your busy schedule, might only be 5 minuets at a time, but you'll be amazed and excited about your golf game.

When you can step into a putt, with no thought of right or wrong, you're ready for On Course Putter Training. 

You entering Blackout Mode!

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