Take Drills With You to the Putting Green or Use at Home for Quick Reference

With 45+ simple putting drills, you'll go on a journey that starts at home, where you'll learn the simple putting fundamentals. Once you can step into a putt without thinking about right or wrong, you'll be ready for the practice green. This is where you'll learn drills to control distance, make your short putts, and virtually eliminate the 3-putt. This is where you'll learn to putt without conscious thought, and finally you'll enter BLACKOUT MODE. It's a wonderful place to be with your golf game, when you make putts the rest of your game improves by default.

We'll give you an assist

How to Stop Mechanical Thoughts While Putting

Many golfers putt with the thought of fundamentals dancing in their head. They grind over doing it right, just so they can avoid doing what is wrong. This makes them grind even harder on the next putt, but now they know they're doing something wrong. How is your conscious mind supposed to deal with that?

Build Memory into your stroke

How to Practice Putting at Home with Free ebook

Blackout Putter Training starts at your home, where it's easy to find the time. You'll be shocked what you can accomplish, in just a couple minuets around the house. You'll get the most benefit by stepping into the perfect putting setup, many times over.  Without you knowing it, you'll start to step into your putting stance without thought.

are you ready?

Easiest Putting Fundamentals Ever

I know you've seen it, you walk on to the practice green, and you see this great (low) finish to the putting stroke. The finish you see on tour, or the best players at your club. When you perform the fundamentals to get the perfect finish, you know your ready to move to the practice green.