Why So Worried About Missing Putts When You Can Simply Roll the Rock Without Thought

Putter Training for the Seasoned Player where 10 minute drills are more than enough.

What's Inside?

You Hear PGA Announcers Talk About it All the Time; How Good Their Feel Is

The common denominator of the best Putters in the world is that in the moments just before they pull the trigger, they're not thinking about anything. Top players and teachers have different names for it, separate ways to get into that mode:

Harvey Penick (Little Red Book) called it

"Take Dead Aim."

Brian Hepler (Tathata Golf) calls it

"Looking Out in Front."

Jodan Spieth calls it


Tiger Woods calls it

"Take a Picture."

Simply, It's about rolling the rock without thought, with the image of the target fresh in your mind.

  • Too Much to Think About at the Wrong Time

    Golf is hard, at times we have too much to think about. With the elements, the greens, technical thoughts, the mind is active processing all this information. The problem is we are processing this information in the seconds just before we pull the trigger. Then we are left with trying to diagnose what went wrong and how to fix it.

  • Blackout Putting Will Focus on this Very Issue

    We’ll focus on building Feel into your Putting stroke, and how to eliminate all that thinking.
    Developing your Feel for the speed of the greens will improve your distance control and put you in position to make more Putts, for sure. But maybe more important, it will make your confidence soar like no other club in the bag.

  • Simple Bunker Training

    You’ll want to incorporate bunker practice with your chipping drills. The 90% rule practice plan we’ve been talking about with Blackout Putter and Wedge Training means that you’ll have about 10% of your short-game practice reserved for chipping and sand shots.

  • Around the Green

    Here we are, nothing will lower your putts per round like getting up and down from around the green. The problem? Many players don’t practice the chip shot, at least not very much. The most important aspect of chipping is the ability to pitch or chip a golf ball the correct distance without thought.

  • Get Ready for Game Day

    You’re preparing for your round, where things go quick, we’ll prepare you to get in the right frame of mind. When you show up to the first tee you shouldn’t be worried about the first shot, just excited to get it going.

the training starts at home

Because when you build FEEL into your Putting stroke...

You have implicit memory so you don't have to think about it any longer.

You remember the fundamentals of how-to-setup to the ball and roll it without conscious thought.

It will lead you down the path where you find your Feel for distance Control.

You discover your own way of getting into Blackout mode in the seconds just before you pull the trigger.

  • Install Implicit Memory at Home

    That is, you must learn the fundamentals before you can Putt the golf ball without conscious thought. This starts at home where we’ll introduce the fundamentals of the pre-putt routine, then the fundamentals of the Putting Setup and Stroke.

  • Changing Speeds of Your Stroke

    We’ll follow that up with the fundamentals of how to change the speed of your stroke to add or subtract distance. You’ll ingrain the Putting fundamentals to memory, so you’ll learn to trust yourself before you step on the practice green for the Putting drills.

  • Time for the Drills on the Practice Green

    Once on the practice green, we’ll start the process of practicing without the thought of how hard to hit the ball, allowing your mind to communicate with your body without your conscious thoughts getting in the way.