Get to Know Blackout Mode

Blackout Mode is not here to plan your practice or fix your golf swing. Blackout Mode is here to plan for moments of pure magic.

Here's the truth: you don't need to grind on the range over-thinking your golf swing.

Imagine a world where you can hit balls on the range, have no worries about results, no grinding over swing thoughts, in fact, no thoughts exist about trying to fix your golf swing. This is a world where you can find your Feel for distance control, where you can hit a golf shot the correct distance without thought. Imagine entering Blackout Mode in the moment right before you pull the trigger.

What does implicit memory have to do with blackout mode?

How is it you can type on a keyboard effortlessly, without thought of where your fingers are going? Skilled typists rely on implicit muscle memory to locate letters on the keyboard without conscious thought of where the letters are located. In Putting terms, implicit memory involves remembering the fundamentals of how-to set up to the ball and roll it without conscious thought, without thinking about how to do it. When you try to type for the first time there is zero implicit memory to fall back on, you first must learn the fundamentals, ingrain them to memory, then and only then can you type on a keyboard properly without conscious thought. To build Feel into your putting stroke, we must install implicit memory. That is, you must learn the fundamentals before you can Putt the golf ball without conscious thought.