Why are You Still Trying to Fix Your Golf Swing on the Range, When You Could Get Everything You Need To Find Your Feel for Distance Control Right Here...

Imagine a world where you hit a golf shot, have no worries about results, no grinding over technical thoughts, in fact, no thoughts exist about trying to fix your golf swing.

What's Inside?

  • Swing Thoughts

    Take everything you think you know about the golf swing and get rid of it. We’re talking about technical thoughts in the moments right before you pull the trigger.

  • Distance Control

    Because it’s not about perfecting your golf swing that you spent decades over-thinking. This is about hitting a golf shot the correct distance and putting yourself in position to make more putts.

  • Implicit Memory

    That's exactly why we're here. To hit a golf ball without technical thinking, allowing your mind to communicate with your body without your conscious thoughts getting in the way.

  • Make Your Short Putts

    There is no better way to make an immediate impact on your golf game then to spend a little time on the practice green watching the ball go in the hole on a consistent basis.

  • Simply Read the Line

    Nothing can replace experience when learning to read the line, but it seems with our effort to get our read right we skip over the easiest and sometimes most accurate way to get it done.

  • Get Ready for Game Day

    You’re preparing for your round, where things go quick, we’ll prepare you to get in the right frame of mind. When you show up to the first tee you shouldn’t be worried about the first shot, just excited to get it going.

  • Improved Scoring

    By focusing on distance control you'll build Feel into your fairway wedge game. You'll hit golf shots the correct distance and put yourself in position to make more putts.

  • Improved Swing

    You might not realize it as you go through the wedge training, but you'll be working on the full-swing the whole time. Especially when you add speed to your half wedge swing.

  • No Stress

    There's nothing to think about. You'll have your own pre-shot routine, you'll built your own training plan, nothing left to worry about, just play golf.

practice like you play

Because when you develop FEEL for distance control...

You'll have the Must Have Skill in Golf.

It will lead you down the path of Shooting Lower Scores.

It will lead the Seasoned Player down the path of Improving a Golf Swing that you Spent Decades Over-Thinking.

There are NO Swing Thoughts, NO Mechanical Thoughts, and NO Thoughts about Right or Wrong.

  • Learn to Trust Yourself Before You Step on the Range

    This starts at home where we’ll introduce the fundamentals of the pre-shot routine, then the movements of the three stock wedge swings, plus how to change speeds of each swing used for distance control inside 100-yards.

  • Time for the Drills on the Range

    Once on the range, we’ll start the process of hitting golf balls a specific distance without thoughts of backswing or finishing positions. This is how we train your mind to communicate with your body without your conscious thoughts getting in the way.

  • Play Like You Practice

    You're ready to play golf without grinding over swing thoughts, or thoughts about trying to fix your golf swing. You find your Feel for distance control as you hit golf shots the correct distance without thought. Most important, you repeatedly enter Blackout Mode in the moments before you pull the trigger.