In Those Quiet Moments Just Before You Pull the Trigger, It's Time to Enter Blackout Mode

Blackout Training for the Seasoned Player. Because you deserve a whole new level of confidence in your Feel for distance control for all shots from 100-yards out all the way to the hole.

Building Your Feel for Distance Control. There is Nothing Like This Feeling in the Game of Golf!

The common denominator of the best players in the world is that in the moments just before they pull the trigger, their not consciously thinking about anything. Top players and teachers have different names for it, separate ways to get into that mode:

Harvey Penick (Little Red Book) called it

"Take Dead Aim."

Brian Hepler (Tathata Golf) calls it

"Looking Out in Front."

Jordan Spieth calls it


Tiger Woods calls it

"Take a Picture."

Simply, it's about striking a golf ball without the thought of how hard to hit it, with the image of the target fresh in your mind.

Hey there, I'm Scott!

What does Implicit Memory have to do with Blackout Mode?

I'm here to change the way you think about practice.

About Blackout Mode >
  • Start Training at Home

    You must learn to strike a golf ball without conscious thought. This starts at home where we’ll introduce the fundamentals of the movements and pre-shot routine, how to change speeds used for distance control inside 100-yards.

  • Expand On-course Drills to Fit Your Game

    Customize your drills to fit your strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. If you are serious about improving your scoring game, planning your next practice to fit what needs attention changes everything.

  • "Take Dead Aim" on Your Golf Game

    “Take Dead Aim” on your golf game and don’t look back. Transition from trying to fix something, to trusting yourself to strike a golf ball the correct distance without the thought of right or wrong. It should be understood, let’s don’t go back to old habits.