Develop Your Touch Drill

Develop Your Touch Drill

Scott Alford

You don’t want to think; “I Hope I Make This” or “I Hope I don’t 3-putt”, you want to just roll the ball. The best way to not try so hard is don’t watch the ball when you strike or hit it.

This Drill works so well for developing touch, you’ll want to use it on the golf course. This is one of Dave Stockton’s favorite drills.

Remember, we want to be “Thinking” towards the hole and not what’s going on above the ball. The problem with looking at the ball is your eyes want to follow the ball as soon as you strike it. You will notice, when you do this drill, your focus is towards the hole, you forget about striking the ball—you’re working on Feel.

The Drill that will “Get You Over the Hump” of Not Thinking and Just Making.

You need Two TEE’S and a Flat Marker:

  • The Flat Marker goes ALL THE WAY IN THE GROUND—2” in front of the ball.
  • One tee goes partially in the ground where ball will enter hole.
  • The 2nd tee goes about 16 inches behind the hole.
  • Align the Line on the Ball with the High Point.
  • Setup to the ball and Align the line on the Putter with the Line on the Ball.
  • Look at the hole and move your eyes back to the Flat Marker (2 inches in front of the ball):
  • Roll the ball over the Flat Marker.
  • When you look up the ball should be at the hole.
  • Roll the ball with enough pace to get to the hole but not enough pace to get past the 2nd tee.

Practice Not Looking at the Ball often, results will be good, you’ll simply make more putts. It takes a little getting used to so Incorporate it into ALL your drills on the Practice Green and look a couple inches in front of the ball, instead of At the Ball. You can also practice this At Home when you take your practice strokes.

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