Feel in right  hand

Developing Feel With Right Hand

Scott Alford

We are finally here, where we get to discover Feel. Where we get the speed right without thinking about how hard to hit the ball. Where we get the speed right without thinking about right or wrong.

When your Feel is good, putts start to fall, you gain confidence, and other parts of your game improve. The neat thing about it is that it’s not technical and it’s something any golfer can do.

We know that every putt is a straight putt. You’ve diagnosed your arc, picked your spot, aligned your ball with your putter, you’re done thinking about the line. Now, you can focus your attention on feeling the distance.

It’s time to talk about the right (back) hand. I purposely left the conversation about the right (back) hand out of the mechanical section because it is not a mechanical move. The involvement of your right (back) hand is crucial to gaining feel in your putting stroke.

The Left (Front) Hand supports and leads the way for the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders to move as one-unit. This is a mechanical move that is crucial to hitting the putt square and on your desired line. Therefore, we have a little more grip pressure with the left (front) hand, it’s the anchor that supports the stroke and keeps everything IN-LINE.

You’re going to GET YOUR FEEL from your Right (Back) Hand, you won’t know How or Why, it’s not something you THINK about, you just FEEL IT. 

The next 3 lessons are dedicated to Finding Your FEEL, once we do, it will change your Golfing Life, you’ll make more Putts and virtually eliminate 3-Putts.

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