Distance Control From Off the Green

Distance Control From Off the Green

Scott Alford

Often, it’s much easier to control distance from off the green when you have some tight-lie fringe to go through. Where we run into problems is when we don’t get the speed right.

Obviously, many factors influence speed, but a good rule of thumb is to take the distance from your ball to the edge of the green and divide by 2.

If your ball is 10 feet from the edge of the green, then set your imaginary hole about 5 feet past the hole. From there you can adjust if up-hill, down-hill, or move it left or right depending on the break.

A good goal is the 3-foot circle around the cup, that’s probably better than chipping it for most of us.

Distance Control from off the green

Practice Putting from Off the Green

Place a tee about 6 feet from the Green, on the fringe or first cut.

Place a tee about 3 feet past the hole for a flat putt.

Stroke 3 putts to with imaginary hole in mind and actual hole for results.

 Go back to 8 feet from the Green and 4 feet past the hole and test your results.

Experiment with different yardages and slopes so you have a FEEL of what to do on the Golf Course.



Water and Grass:

You may have to putt over areas of the green or fringe that is wet, sometimes very wet. Balls slow down when they meet water so you can be aggressive with your putt. You will also notice the putt will not break as much, adjust your approach to that of an uphill putt and go for it.

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