Mark Your Ball

Mark Your Ball

Scott Alford

It’s difficult to have “FEEL” for a putt if all your thinking about is the right line. I used to be totally focused on the line when I stepped-in to a putt.

Once I started to align my ball and my putter on my chosen line, my distance control improved drastically. Once this is done, you can eliminate any thoughts of doubt, your mind is free to stroke the putt.

Most Golf Balls have a straight line that says what the brand name is, many golf balls have lines already on them. Regardless, I like to use a marker, it reminds me that I have chosen my line and I can now focus on the speed.

Mark your ball

Draw a straight line with a permanent marker between the arrows, over the brand name or use a ball marker tool. Most putters have a short little line at the top (and middle) of the club face. I use a “two-ball” putter, so I draw a straight line down the middle. You'll see from the image on the next lesson, what I see looking down over the putt, and you can see that I align the line on the putter with the line on the ball.

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