Reading the Low Side

Reading the Low Side

Scott Alford

On a putt that breaks, go to the low-side and look. It’s much easier to see slope from the low side, it’s facing you.

When you go to the high side, it’s easy to get confused. If it looks completely different from the low side, then you won’t be committed.

It’s better to have the wrong line (but think it’s right), then circling the hole and getting confused. Commit to your line before you step-in to the putt.

When you look from behind the ball and see a straight putt, go behind the hole to verify. On your way back, if you see some break, walk to the low side and look.

Note: When I make suggestions to look below the hole, go behind the hole, or look behind your mark, most of this can be done while your playing partners are putting, or even before they get to the green. 

Your putting will improve if you're not falling behind the group in front of you.

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