Speed and Length

Speed and Length

Scott Alford

One of the things that golfers find most challenging about not 3-putting, is learning to hit putts the correct distance. Relatively few bad putts miss their target by a considerable margin to the right or left. We know that if you hit a putt hard enough to get to the hole and it misses, it will either miss to the right or left.

But the bad misses are the ones that go way by the hole because they are hit far too hard, or come up dreadfully short. How often do you see a putt that is hit hole-high but 10’ wide?

We will discuss line and read, but for now the ideal lag putt should be struck without much thought of direction.

The golfer that focuses on the speed and length of the putt, will get a feel for the direction in the process. If speed and length have been judged correctly, more and more putts will end in tap-in range and sometimes they will fall into the hole. Without proper distance, this is not very possible, and you’ll be left with a difficult 2-putt.
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