Center the Hands Throughout the Stroke

Center the Hands Throughout the Stroke

Scott Alford
Yes, the hands stay centered with the chest throughout the putting stroke.
But let’s be clear; you don’t purposely turn your chest with your shoulders. You don’t lock your Hands, Wrists, Arms, Shoulders with your Chest and do a Mechanical move like a robot. hands stay centeredThe putting stroke is quiet in all body joints  except the shoulders. The shoulders rock and initiate the action all the way down to the hands.
The shoulders turn around the center of the chest or spine, this promotes the back shoulder being a little higher on the backswing while the front shoulder is higher on the forward swing.
If we correctly move the Hands, Wrists, Arms & Shoulders as one UNIT, stay Centered and Balanced, the SHOULDERS GET TURNED. We Don’t think about turning our shoulders, it just happens. It’s good to check this because if your shoulders don’t promote this move then your weight will shift (out of balance) and your line and distance control will suffer.




The Rock Your Shoulders Drill

  •  Get in your Setup Position without a club.
  • Hands in “Praying Position”
  • Rock Your Shoulders, Back and Trough Continually, for 10 Strokes.
  • Keep Head and Lower Body Quiet while Feeling the Hands, Wrists, Arms Move as One Unit as the Shoulders ROCK.

You can’t do this drill enough, it’s not possible. It’s very easy to do, and you can get it done in 10 seconds while you’re walking around your home. The benefit is significant because this is how we’re going to build FEEL into your putting stroke.

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