Get A Grip

Get A Grip

Scott Alford

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people fail at improving their putting is that they don’t use a grip that helps anchor the hands. This will help the hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders to move as a single unit—a KEY to good putting. The most popular grip of the best putters in the world is the reverse-overlap-putting-grip or Traditional Grip. Some very good Tour Players use a left (front)-hand low or the claw grip but keep in mind that the principles of left (front)-hand-dominant are still in place.

Grip the putter in the palm of your left (front) hand, not the fingers. It's resting on your lifeline and your left thumb pad almost sits on top of the grip when you apply some left-hand grip pressure. This will give you a feeling of unity between the putter's shaft and the left arm. This is a key component of the putting stroke, no matter which type of grip you use.

With the reverse over-lap grip, the index finger of the left (top) hand overlaps the right hand, resting in the crease between the RING FINGER and THE PINKIE. I have smaller hands, so this is most comfortable for me, some rest there left (top hand) Index Finger between the Ring Finger and Middle Finger.

Others Extend the Index Finger all the way down between the Middle and Index Finger. You can experiment to find your comfort zone with your Grip.

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