Why do I pull all my putts?

The Eyes Have It

Scott Alford
Eyes Aligned Over Ball

The Best Place for your eyes is directly over the Ball. If you align your eyes to-far inside the ball (target line), you’ll get a different view of the putt and most likely push it to the right. The same is true for aligning your eyes outside the target line, only this time you’ll most likely pull the putt.

If your eyes are directly over the golf ball, you can aim your putter exactly as you see it. To check this, get in the set-up position, loosely hold the putter (or alignment stick) at the bridge of your noise, hanging straight down it should be in alignment with the center of the ball. Another way to check your alignment is to setup over a small mirror. Lay the ball on top of the mirror and address it normally, look down to check to see that your eyes are directly over the ball.



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